This is a Subject Combination Interest Exercise for Secondary Two students going on to Secondary Three in 2018.
Students are advised to choose their Subject Combinations based on their interest, ability and aptitude.

Each student must fill up all the 6 choices.
Express - 6 Choices
Normal (A) - 6 Choices
Normal (T) - 3 Choices


Sat 28 Oct (9am) Start Date for Registration
Sun 5 Nov (6pm)

End Date for Registration

Thu 10 Nov (6pm) Release of 2017 Class List and Subject Combinations via the school website
Mon 13 Nov (1pm)

Deadline for submission of appeal forms (hardcopy) by Sec 2 students to Year Head (Mr Colin Sim) via the school’s General Office

Fri 17 Nov (6pm)

Online release of final appeal results

Student may download the Online Userguide (See Attachment) for reference.


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